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Miss Asian America Portarits

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Miss Asian Global Sophia Ng
The winner of Miss Asian America 2018 Sophia Ng called me to take her portraits with the crown she has just won three days ago.  While she had photos taken by many photographers during the beauty pageant, she felt those photos didn't quite capture the essence of her beauty.  Sophia remembered how she loved the headshots I took for her three years ago for social media profiles, she knew that I could take the portraits right for the major achievement in her life.

Beauty is only skin deep. It's those with a kind heart that's truly beautiful - and Sophia possesses both qualities. She devotes herself with a passion to help children with depression.  I asked what motivated her to run for Miss Asia Global beauty pageant, she said that she never thought of running a pageant, and it was a last minute decision. She's also not going to pursue other beauty pageants such as Miss Chinatown or Miss America, as it is so much work in the preparation. She's totally content with her title as Miss Asian America.

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